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Beaches and coastlines

Pangea: the whole land
Geology for Kids

How Plates Affect Our Planet
American Museum of Natural History, and the story of Pangaea

The Pangea Theory
Thinkquest for kids

Pangea: Written for KidsKnowIt Network

From Pangea to the present
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Plate Tectonics

The theory of plate tectonics has done for geology what Charles Darwin's theory of evolution did for biology. It provides geology with a comprehensive theory that explains "how the Earth works." The theory was formulated in the 1960s and 1970s as new information was obtained about the nature of the ocean floor, Earth's ancient magnetism, the distribution of volcanoes and earthquakes, the flow of heat from Earth's interior, and the worldwide distribution of plant and animal fossils.

Geo for Kids

Using modern equipment, scientists known as oceanographers have been able to measure and map out the ocean floor. What these scientists have discovered has helped explain how it is that continents are able to move around on the Earth’s crust.

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