Persuasive Essay Topics Grade 5
Here are topics some students are researching and writing:

School Uniforms
School routines are in full swing, and the debate over uniforms rages again. In many developed nations (and developing nations), children are required to wear uniforms, such as Great Britain and Venezuela.
Is this just another painful example of the United States falling behind the 8-ball in school standards?
Or, rather, does it hold true to the value Americans place on individuality? We’ve got two veteran administrators reporting their positions from the field.
Read what they have to say, then join the discussion!

Cell Phones, Children and Teens
These days, it's not uncommon to see children with their own cell phones, formerly the domain of adults who needed to do business on the go. From safety to keeping in touch with friends, there are a lot of reasons for kids to have their own phone, but there may be just as many reasons not to. Go to this site and read other articles to learn about all the sides in this controversial issue.

The Case for Cell Phones in Schools

The Cell phone dilemma

TV and You has lots of links to different articles about TV and kids.
Some articles discuss the pros, and some articles discuss the cons.
Go to this website and check out the links.