Welcome to the Library 8x Poetry Resource Page. There is something here for everyone.
Go to the databases page of the library website, scroll down and click on Discovery Education.
Enter your username and search for POETRY. You will find a lot of teacher resources to support instruction
such as learning guides, skill builders, activity sheets, assessment, presentations, and white board interactives.

Giggle Poetry
There are sixteen poetry categories and hundreds of poems to read. Many poems now include comments from the author about what inspired the poem.
Don't forget to check out their Poetry Theater scripts.

National Poetry Month
Resources and ideas for teachers to celebrate National Poetry Month.
In 2013 Poem in Your Pocket Day is Thursday April 18.

"There are many educational websites out there which offers free worksheets and resources for use in the class. Storyit.com is a wonderful resource for teachers especially for language arts or reading educators.
On the home page of the storyit.com you will find several links on the top of th page. These links include:
  • Story It Home
  • Seasonal Themes
  • Kid’s Classics
  • Word Games
  • Story Starters
  • Write
  • Borders
  • Alphabet
  • A Kid’s Photo
  • A Kid’s Heart
  • A Kid’s Math
Each of these links contains various worksheets for students to complete, printable books, and online games. Printable clip art for the classroom is also available for teacher’s use."

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